What is Web3?

It’s the latest framework for connecting and living digitally in a world that allows for verifiable ownership of digital assets.  

Web1 - read digital media on the internet
Web2 - read and write digital media on the internet
Web3 - read, write, and own digital assets on the internet 

Web3 is more than just ownership of digital assets and currencies.  Web3 represents the next generation in consumer loyalty and engagement. Further, Web3 is a paradigm shift around brands and creators consumer interaction and community.

Forum3 believes Web3 has the potential to change the world for the better, while creating tremendous value and new opportunities.

At the same time, we recognize Web3 is also full of complexity, friction, true problems, uncertainty, and misinformation.  And the web3 space moves and changes so fast.  

Forum3 is committed to building and partnering with creators, brands and projects that leverage the unique innovations and creativity unlocked by web3.  We strive to create a positive impact on both the current community of enthusiasts, builders and participants in the space as well as the next 100 million people that are introduced and onboarded into web3. 

Forum3 is not for hire.  We are a builder, a partner and trying to make a dent in the universe for the good.

Our Work


Ben Mezrich NFT Project

Stories by The Boston Globe

Our Team

Forum3 has a team of experienced Web3 leaders.


Andy Sack


Adam Brotman


Joe O'Rourke

Director of Product

Jennifer Newkirk

Director of Finance

Matthew Hui