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Spok combines keyword APIs with artificial intelligence to unearth opportunities and deliver personalized marketing strategies.

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What is Spok

Personalized Keyword Research

Stop wading through hundreds of irrelevant keyword suggestions. Spok considers your business goals and customer segments to return keywords evaluated by search volume, search intent, and relevancy.
Screenshot of Spok with three smart keyword suggestions and an insight about them

Actionable Keyword Insights

Instantly get key insights and takeaways from a SERP analysis, as well as next steps. Does a SERP indicate YouTube videos are the top-performing content? Spok will let you know, and help you storyboard a video.
Screenshot of Spok with smart keyword clusters

Smart Content Planning

Jumping from keyword opportunity to content creation skips a step: strategy. Spok helps you plan a content strategy, so you can create a cohesive suite of assets to leverage across your marketing mix.
Screenshot of Spok with content strategy ideas
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Why Spok

Spok does more than generate copy. Spok understands.
Let AI make sense of all the search queries across the entire internet. Spok only returns the most valuable keyword opportunities for your business.
Ideate marketing strategies and campaigns with an endlessly creative assistant who understands your business and target market.
Effortlessly turn your marketing strategy into reality with personalized creative assets optimized for the future of search.
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