The advent of digital collectibles changes the game for customer loyalty.

We believe...

Web3 provides the foundation for next generation consumer engagement and loyalty.

Everyone should have the opportunity to be a consumer, participant, member, and owner.

Authenticity, inspiration, and fun are of the utmost importance in this endeavor.

Current loyalty programs are often linear and stale.

While they are necessary table stakes and quite effective, a spend-to-earn-coupons framework for loyalty doesn’t allow for storytelling, participation, community, or fun.

Current loyalty programs are limited by discount lines and a brand’s capability to develop innovative technology. Web3 has the power to change this. 

Digital collectibles change the game.

The advent of digital collectibles changes the equation. It can be a reward in and of itself and it's also a game piece in a broader brand engagement play.

It opens up entirely new network effects and instigates a new type of flywheel. It brings utility to the collectible, allowing the members to own their loyalty membership.