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Find new customer segments with AI

Understand the person behind the search query with Spok, an AI marketing assistant that helps businesses identify and reach their target market.

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What is Spok

Spok layers LLM capabilities with web APIs, resulting in data-driven recommendations tailored for your business.

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Identify new customer segments with actionable keyword insights
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Explore and deepen your understanding of your buyer personas
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Ideate and create content that resonates with your audience
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Why Spok

Artificial Intelligence that does more than generate copy. Spok understands.
Spok analyzes search queries to return relevant insights about potential customer segments based on their expressed wants and needs.
Spok can suggest ways to turn search query insights into holistic marketing strategies that targets and resonates with your  customer segments.
Effortlessly turn your marketing strategy into reality with personalized creative assets optimized for the future of search.
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