Forum3 is the culmination of a 20-year journey and friendship

Early Beginnings


Adam and Andy met in Seattle Chapter of EO (Entrepreneur's Organization).

Andy was CEO of BodyShop Digital (the UK-based company founded by Anita Roddick).

Adam was CEO of PlayNetwork.

Adam's Journey

2009 to 2019

Adam was Chief Digital Officer of Starbucks and worked closely with and for Howard Schultz for 10 years.

Adam architected and led the industry-leading Starbucks loyalty mobile application with over 50MM registered users.

Adam was CEO and executive chairman of Brightloom, a customer growth platform.

Andy's Journey

2015 to 2021

Andy was a consultant for Satya Nadella at Microsoft on innovation and digital transformation.

Andy started KeenCapital and launched KeenCrypto, which is a Web3 fund of funds.

Starbucks and Forum3

2021 to 2022

Adam and Andy start Forum3.

Howard Schultz returns to Starbucks for his third stint as CEO.

Starbucks retains Forum3 to advise, architect, and work closely with their team to bring the Starbucks Web3 initiative to life.